Saturday, June 30, 2007

Catching up.....

Sorry so long between posts. It's been an incredibly busy week at work. A lot of the physical tasks fall on my plate at the yw because I'm the operations manager, but sometimes it's because I live the closest or can lift the most. We moved cement furniture all day, I did dump runs, landscaping tasks that were left unfinished following the Windermere Community Service Day, Saturday yard sale, and one late night phone system defragging. Whew! I'm done in.

These photos were from last weekend, when Bella was with us for all three days. The kids met for the first time and got along great. Conor was unbelievably patient. He even practiced her reading with her.

Tyree went for an unplanned run when he and Melissa taught Isabella how to ride a bike without training wheels.

There's Mom bring up the rear. By the way..... those cars are all parked. Tyree didn't want anyone to think they were playing in traffic.

Tyree said she fell once and didn't even cry. She's apparently a natural.

This was an adult-sanctioned pillow fight. Either they were well-matched......

or Conor took it easy on her. They couldn't stop laughing. They coaxed Tyree and I to take a few swings at each other and the whole time Bella was shrieking "Get him, Auntie, get him!"

She managed to disarm him once.

Mid air collision

A little time to unwind afterward.

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