Sunday, July 1, 2007

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Actually, this weekend has been very productive. When I was working in the futon shop, right after I got back to Bellingham, I managed to pick up 2 really high end memory foam mattresses. They had an almost imperceptible defects and they're worth quite a bit of money. I gave one to my friend Peter and kept the other one. The irony was that I couldn't afford a platform frame for it. I've been sleeping on the floor for a couple of months waiting for something to pop up on Craigslist, but today I got serious and at breakfast I drew up this plan:

Very detailed...yes, I know, but it came with a lumber list and I had Tyree cut all the pieces for me. He decided on some upgrades along the way. Let me just say that we didn't pay for a stick of this lumber and it's all pieces we'd salvaged from other people's job sites and projects.

Some of the lumber was from building and some from theater projects.

The slats were made from my friend Jory's stash of cedar fence boards. He worked for a fencing company.

Well la-di-da. There's room for drawers underneath. That's next.

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  1. That's the Marino spirit! We are the ultimate recyclers! I love the bed. And the table is great! What's with the red? I think it's something in the air. I keep grabbing things that are burgandy. No pinks or mauves yet. When that begins, I think we'll be channeling Grandma.