Sunday, August 12, 2007

Just what I needed, another hobby....

I managed to forget these posts even though I finished the chair about 3 weeks ago. It's very comfortable. I like it for knitting because it doesn't have any arms.

I didn't take any before photos, but I will say that the original colors had that brown/gold/orange/ 70's thing going on. I loved the shape of the chair, but the seat needed restuffed and the fabric needed to be more modern. Otherwise it would be too Victorian fluffy for me. I was going for something that felt like this. Without the price tag.

The tufting gave me a bit of trouble because I was just going from memory, without instructions, but I've since acquired a great upholstery book work from. The next one (yeah, I'd do it again) will be tighter and more professional.


  1. It looks great! I love the fabric. Next time you come down, I'll save a project for you. (just kidding)


  2. Hmmmm...I feel a joint re-upholstery project coming on.(that yellow chair in my studio)..or maybe just a book borrowing? Looks great.