Thursday, September 20, 2007

Is that a squirrel or a labrador?

Fall is my favorite season these days. I love the harvest and drying of our produce. I love wool clothes and socks. It's the official start of knitting season. I like it as much when the nights come early as when the days begin to grow long. There's something sad and final about pulling up the last of the summer vegatables, but our growing season is long and fall and winter starts are already in the ground at the YW City Garden.

The sunflowers that grew so tall are overburdened with seeds. They bow their heads towards the earth providing some challenges for our neighbors. Or not.

It's as easy as 1



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  1. Urban oasis indeed! Love the blog, Janet. I rummaged through pics of Carey and Addie's wedding. Looked like a wonderful time. It was good to see some old familiar faces (Marty, Gabe--he looked dashing! and Barney--err, Brian). Made me think of those good ol' days back at the farm and I had a flashback of your infamous Halloween Parties!
    Take care,