Monday, October 29, 2007

The Studio

Here are some photos of our studio. I realized I hadn't posted about it since the last gallery walk. We were lucky enough to go from the darkest studio in the building to one of the lightest. This is taken at midday in the downpour. Sunny evenings have the best light. I tried to upload a video, but no luck. It's quite the oasis from downtown AND the house. That's my bike there in the foreground. The floors are green. We painted them when we moved in. The space is relaxing and the heater works great. I worry that as Bellingham continues to grow and gentrify, there won't be many spaces like this left. I guess that's when we all move to Ferndale or something.

The napping Chaise

The very best view of the GP demolition.

My work bench and shelves.

The bookbinding side.

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