Sunday, November 11, 2007

First Sourdough....

I've been experimenting with the new Kitchenaid mixer. I started my own sourdough starter last Saturday and fed in diligently throughout the week. My perception of how much a naturally fermented loaf should rise might have been a little off.

I followed The Village Baker's recipe for Pain de Campagne, from the first step. The last rise was not as successful as I'd hoped for, I think, three reasons: the dough was too moist, the temperature of the house was too low, and I'd added a little too much salt. Also, I managed to get the whole loaf stuck to the surface I was rising it on. I got frustrated and ripped it off and baked it, torn side up. The starter that I'd set aside from this batch doubled in size immediately, a good sign, so I'm going to try again for another loaf tomorrow.

I'm patiently waiting for it to cool.

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