Friday, December 28, 2007


Well, there's just a whole bunch of news. Melissa got a great new apartment (pictures to come) and many weekends were spent organizing and moving her into her new place. A sweet room for Isabella. We scored all kinds of great new furniture for free. I'll post on that whole experience very soon.

Christmas was great and relaxing. We tried to keep it all as low-stress as possible at Victor Street Farm. Marty and Melissa (two very close friends of mine) dropped in on December 23rd and stayed the night. Conor was really excited to have a houseful of people and it seemed very festive. My boss gave us a 16 pound turkey and we'll be eating it forever. Conor managed to get mostly educational and stimulating toys, which made me happy because I dislike a lot of plastic garbage toys all over the floor. Bella got a new bike, as well as the usual little girl fare. Tyree and I traded art supplies and I got a membership to the YMCA.....something I've been saying I need to do for about 9 months. Now I need to make time to use it. Need to.

The tree was squeezed in beside the ever expanding library.

The stocking were hung on the bookshelf with care.....

I even spruced up the YW as best I could (being a bit scared of heights.)