Monday, February 11, 2008

Beer and Caucus.....

equals a productive weekend. It's a good thing neither of us are actually heavy drinkers. We both just like making things. Our friends Jill and Ted have been in Asia for a year and are traveling home for a few days before heading off to Alaska next. Our aim is to drown them in homebrew at their homecoming. Tyree says to me "Never teach an Irishman to make his own alcohol."

Tyree cools down our 2nd batch, a Belgian Ale. It had these awesome giant beet sugar crystals that went in it. You have to cool it down before you can pitch in the yeast. The airlock keeps it sterile (ish)

Before attending our caucus (which had a record turnout and over 50% off of the attendees' first caucus), we discovered that the recycling bin behind the Temple Bar was a good place to get decent beer bottles (i.e. no twist-offs). Oddly, no one even looked at us twice.

It's like the Mormon Tabernacle Choir of beer bottles, isn't it?

A finished bottle of Cerberus (3-headed) Stout. We have to wait 10 more days to sample!
(I block-printed the labels myself.)

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  1. most impressive! we just made a pale ale, but i wasn't nearly as industrious as you were... ours is still masquerading as sierra nevada and fat tire. thanks for stopping by my blog. i'll have to spend some time exploring yours!