Monday, February 18, 2008

New Addition

Conor has been saying that he wants to learn to play the piano. Tyree found this great electric piano that sounds pretty convincing and has a nearly full keyboard and weighted keys. We found it at an obscure thriftstore where it was going to be in their auction, but they couldn't figure out how to move it. It can be plugged into a midi and used with a computer. We ordered some learning software that had really good reviews. They sold it to him for 1/4 of what they were going to ask in the auction.

Isabella has had some piano lessons and we're hoping she'll enjoy the software, too. I plan on trying it out, myself.

They were actually composing soundtracks together.

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  1. Hi - I was just browsing through blogs (links from links...following other people's recommendations) and came to your piano a Kawai? It looks amazingly akin to mine (a Kawai digital). I absolutely LOVE my piano - Kawai is an amazing company!