Saturday, February 2, 2008

Then there was the bread saga....

I gave up on my own starter. I just don't know why it wasn't working. Maybe it had too many other micro-organisms to battle with in this old house. I surrender.


My friend Diane, who has been volunteering at the YW for a LONG time, gave me some of her starter. I think she said it was from Alaska and was 10 years old or something. When I feed it, it looks like this:

Which, in case you've never seen a wild sourdough starter, is very good.
It kind of smells like citric acid and wine.

And when I bake with it, it looks like this. Which is awesome and much closer to what I've been striving for. A crackling, thick crust and a moist, chewy, airy crumb. A few more tweaks and I'll be a happy customer.

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