Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Quick Soda instructions

There was some interest in how to make homemade soda. Here are my condensed instructions. It's easier than beer.

You need: A stockpot big enough for your quantity (ours holds 4 gallons), sanitized spoon or stirrer, sanitized siphon tube for bottling, sanitized bottles, a bottle capper and caps. And Ingredients!

You just make the syrup base and then cool it off to 100 degrees and pitch in an activated wine or champagne yeast. And bottle it. Be sure that you keep it in a warm enough place for the yeast to stay active for about 4 days, and then you can move it to a basement or garage.

Here's the deal: The yeast creates the carbonation and once the pressure reaches a certain point it kills the yeast cells. My point? Yes, there is a minute amount of alcohol in that soda but my understanding is that it's less than naturally occurs in Orange Juice. Just call it mother's little helper. I keed, I keed.

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