Tuesday, March 11, 2008

YWCA City Farm....

In my ongoing effort to eek vegetables out of any patch of unused soil, we rototilled our city garden at the YWCA in front of the parking lot. Turns out our computer tech volunteer is also very handy with the garden implements.

We have ambitious plans for this little swath of land. Since many of the residents that want to participate in the garden are elderly and not particularly ambulatory, I've got community service people doing a lot of the harder work. The Garden itself is actually about 50 yards long and gets deeper at the far end. I estimate we raised over 600 pounds of veggies last year and we only half-heartedly used about 1/3 of that space.

What started out as my teaching a knitting night at the YW turned into my learning how to crochet from the residents. I designed and crocheted this little Tam for Isabella as my first project. I'm making one for myself now. Bella came with her mom (in the top photo) to visit on Friday and I gave it to her.

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