Sunday, April 6, 2008


What with the build-up of having house guests and party, etc.... I sort of hit a wall where sleep was the most important thing for a few days. We still managed to get a lot done, but my health was a little worse. I'm feeling better now. Plus I've got the second half of next week off because Conor is on spring break. I think we're going to go to Vancouver.

It was great to see Jill and Ted (in from Thailand) Marty (from Portland) and Ryan and Kyle (new friends from Seattle) and eat and drink and laugh. I wish they all could have stayed longer. We had our first house party. At my best count, including us, there where 18 people in our little house. Tyree roasted 3 chickens (not ours) and potatoes, green beans, bread, cheese, wine, homebrew and just the absolutely perfect mix of people. I was in heaven.

So what have I been doing in the meantime? Work. It's been crazy and bound to get crazier until I leave for a few days.

Tyree refinished another desk, mahogany, now located at the studio. I tied up some supports for our garden, which I will show when there's something growing on them. Last Friday night was the Gallery walk and it looks like Tyree sold a painting.

I have finally made a decision regarding my bookbinding equipment. I just don't have the love for it anymore. I actually dread finishing custom jobs. I've listed all of the equipment online and I'm selling it. I'm keeping just enough to do occasional repair on our own library. The rest has been superfluous for years. I have always wanted a weaving loom and since I have the space (at the studio) and the money (assuming I can sell my bookbinding equipment) I think it's time for a change of medium. My books used to be a creative outlet for me, as well as a meager side income. Lately all I've wanted to do is play with animal hair anyway. So it goes.

I know I posted pictures of my Majacraft Rose on my old blog, but just to remind you of how beautiful she is:

Majacraft Rose: I ordered her from New Zealand. She took months to get to me. That's how good she is.

This is is some unspun tussah silk that I picked up at Northwest Handspun Yarns. I'm taking a beginners weaving workshop there on the weekend of May 2nd. 2 solid days of weaving and two projects. They have the looms in the workshop. I thought it might help me get an idea of what kind I want.

I took a million photos of the silk yarn after it was spun, but this is the only one that gives a sense of the luster of the yarn.

This is the same unspun tussah after I dyed a batch. The colors where inspired by the painting Tyree sold. Except there needs to be more of a wine in it. We'll see what this looks like when it's spun up.

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  1. Thanks, sweet thing. I was suffering badly from blog deprivation. I'm glad you're feeling better.