Thursday, May 8, 2008

This Stinks.

Last night Theta was yelping and whining to be let out at about 2:30 in the morning. She usually only does that if it's a dire emergency or there's a raccoon in the yard menacing chickens. So I let her out. Mistake.

I saw what I thought was one of the cats standing about 10 feet away in front of the garage. Theta charged out the door face first into the noxious blast and the skunk retreated into the garage. Theta came yarking back to me and I led her straight to the bathroom and hoisted her kicking and flailing into the tub and scrubbed her down… with Rosemary Mint shampoo.

Now before you all email to tell me about tomato sauce, tomato paste, soup, etc, let me just say that it doesn’t work any better than anything else. And if you happen to own a snow white husky like I once did, it will make her a cotton candy pink for a little while. Which might be worth it. Nature’s Miracle makes a Skunk Odor Remover that’s enzymatic and non-toxic and works well. Good luck finding it at 2:30 am.

I forced her to sleep on the front porch, which she did unwillingly because she was damp. She came in once but I think her own stink overpowered her because she begged to be let back out. The whole house was reeking and I was reeking and try as I might I couldn’t find the source of the stink other than the air and it was still so pungent when we woke that breakfast tasted like skunk.

Tonight after work we’ll treat the dog and ourselves and the living room to a little Nature’s Miracle. I believe I’ll be buying an extra bottle to have on hand for future noxious gassings. I wish I could have it delivered in a 55-gallon drum.


  1. Oh, yuk. That's happened to us before! Hello to everyone at Victor Street Farm! Love Tyree's last painting and your garden looks great. We are still getting frost at night and some plants are RIP -- tomatoes anyhow, lost about half of them night before last. The weaving has me intrigued, first though I have to make our own root beer first -- so cold at night in the kitchen we didn't think we'd get it to brew and so holding off.

    Hi Conor!!!!!!!

  2. Hello Aunt Nora.The trip to San Diego was very fun!!!! I really want to see you guys again!! Conor.