Sunday, June 15, 2008

Fly away home.....

Today's big adventure involved the use of predatory insects. I watched my friend Kate do this last night. After watching them devour the aphids on her beautiful strawberry plants, I marched right down to the Garden Spot Nursery and bought myself some bugs. This little bag contains between 1500 and 1800 ladybugs. They were released at various points throughout the garden to keep down the aphid population.

Surprisingly, the urban garden doesn't have too many nuisance pests to eat the vegetables (except the chickens) but we do always have aphids. They always seem to be on everyone's roses. Last year they took out my artichokes completely. And I found them IN my broccoli crowns. Disgusting. This year, I think we'll be just fine.

You wait until dusk and mist the area they are to inhabit, then you open the bag and they just slowly crawl out. I moved the bag around all evening. One crawled up my skirt during dinner (outside) but, oh well.... at least I wasn't eating aphids.

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  1. Janet- its your cousin, Stephanie. My dad directed me to your blog to find pictures of Bella. SHE IS GORGEOUS! I would love to meet her one day.
    Tell Melissa I say hi as well- it'd be great to get in touch with both of you. If you get a minute send me an email at
    PS- the gardens look great!