Wednesday, June 25, 2008

If only there were more weekends....

I feel fortunate lately to have quite a few people come back into my life that I haven't seen in many years. We're all so grown up and yet we're all still learning, you know?

We had a very relaxing weekend and visited with my old friend Tami (yay!) and her adorable kids. Tyree made his famous spicy noodles (tamed for children without Isabella's love of chilis and hot sauce.) We played in the yard and the Columbia Neighborhood had their big huge neighborhood yard sale day. We rode up and down the streets on our bikes and must have visited at least 20 houses. We showed remarkable restraint. I just got some wooden crates for the garden and a spool rack for sewing thread and a jar.

Tyree built a bat house. There is no underground parking for a batmobile.

One. precious. sunbeam.

Theta and Suki.

No small miracle when Bellingham produces enough sun for sun tea and it's still June.

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