Tuesday, June 3, 2008

There went the rest of it.....

A nice sort-of surprise when I came home today. The rest of The Nasty Carpet was gone. We all joyously slid around in our socks.

This carpet is sucking the life out of me.

Oh dingy carpet, how much more gray can us Northwesters take?

Oh My.

Theta reverted to her pre-carpet game of dribbling a tennis ball all around the living room. She drops it and catches it after one bounce. She used to do it for hours in my old house. Usually when I was trying to sleep.


  1. Oh my is right! The floors look fantastic! I was just there, what, a month ago? And you've reupholstered the couch cushion and torn up carpet. You two don't sit still for long, huh? :)
    I look forward to getting back up there to slide around in my socks!

  2. Oh that look gorgeous! aunti n