Tuesday, July 22, 2008

RV Living

Our friend Dennis is loaning us this awesome RV for our road trip. As you can see, we've put our rugs and a few other things in it already. We are really ready to get out of town for a bit....

Tuxedo Cat

It has been brought to my attention, and rightly so, that Boo Kitty has few starring photos in the blog. Here she is in all her penguin-like glory.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Cat's out of the bag....

If you liked the engagement card photo, there were a few more from the same session that were pretty fun. This is a picture-heavy post. Sorry if you have a slow connection. We would like to tell Conor the news in person after we pick him up on the 26th of July, so please wait to say anything if you talk to him. The photos of Tyree were taken by me and those of both of us were taken by my friend Marty. Thanks Marty!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I can't help myself.

I have to post twice in one day.

Hey! Whatcha got there? Can I have that?

It's dinner by Chef Tyree

Complete with potatoes unearthed approximately 30 minutes ago and peas so fresh they melt in your mouth.

Afterwards, cleaning our first harvest of garlic.

I had some help. For some reason, she's so purely evil that I thought she might be repelled by the garlic. No such luck. I'm just kidding, I actually like her.

(but she IS evil.)

Tyree took this photo of his freshly picked raspberries. Hmm. He might be hired as the new blog photographer.

Hanging in the kitchen to cure.

Big, Exciting News!

The artichokes are flowering!!!!

What? That's not what you thought I was going to say? Well, hmmm. Some of you are just going to have to wait a few days, I guess.

Meanwhile, back to the garden:

Last year they got an aphid infestation. It looks like the ladybugs are doing their job!


The bean and pea trellis' are completely overrun.

Raspberries are starting to produce.

We're already digging up monster potatoes.

There are a few tiny green tomatoes. Not bad for July.

During harvest season in the Pacific Northwest, zucchini are so abundant that people will do ANYTHING to unburden themselves. I've heard of people breaking into cars to leave zucchini behind. I take my extra to the YW where people love them.

Myself? I really don't care all that much for them. I know, I know....they can be marinated and kabobed and grilled and baked. That doesn't change the fact that to me, they taste like a really dry cucumber or really juicy dish sponge. Mmmm, sponge.