Wednesday, August 6, 2008

On the road....

After promising to post on the road, I have failed until the day before we head back....

We left on Saturday morning and made a beeline to my parent's house. Unfortunately Theta spent the first day very carsick and made us go a little slower than anticipated. We got used to the RV and drove about 14 hours. We did the same thing on the second day and arrived just outside my parent's town late that night. My parents had no idea we were coming and we surprised them the next morning by sending Conor up to the door to meet my dad. They were SHOCKED and happy.

Melissa and Bella were already there and my sister was in on the surprise. I think we pulled the whole thing off very well. The kids spent two days playing together and my folks got to know Conor a bit.

Conor figured out a comfy way to ride in the RV. Sadly, he was recovering from pink-eye the first part of the trip.

Theta insisted on riding in the front seat (leaving me in the back with Conor) and the air conditioning blasting on her face. She didn't throw up again after the first day...... though if a dog could possibly look green, she did.

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  1. One of your best surprises ever. Love to all.