Sunday, September 21, 2008

Girl Weekend....

Melissa, Isabella and I got to hang out this weekend. Tyree went across the mountains on a ghost town/fishing adventure and we had the house to ourselves. We watched Youtube videos and learned how to knit and crochet. We had breakfast (with eggs cracked and scrambled by Bella) and went out in the pouring rain (Whee! Bellingham!) to pick pears and dahlias. Luckily we had 3 pair of Knee high farm boots. Of course, now that it's Sunday afternoon, it's sunny.

Theta doing her thing.

Last weekend Tyree and I drove around and picked apples, berries and plums from abandoned farms (soon to become strip malls or condos.) I froze about 3 gallons (more) blackberries and canned these plums and the apples are in a giant mountain on the table still waiting to be pressed when the sweet apples are ripe. These were mostly tart and you have to mix them, see?

Some sweet guy heard me say over and over that I wanted a fancy white cake stand and when he spotted it at Goodwill last weekend, he snagged it for me ($2.99!)
I think I might just marry him.

I got completely ready to can these today. I sterilized jars and made syrup and then decided they were nowhere near ripe enough. They need another week. Luckily Bosc pears ripen off the tree.

We went to the U-Pick dahlias at Boxx Berry Farm. This was my bouquet.

This was Isabella and Melissa's Bouquet.

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