Sunday, October 19, 2008


On Friday, Tyree helped me frog (knitting term for unravel) an entire sweater that I scavenged out of the free closet at work. Everyone had been trying to give me this sweater for months, knowing that I love handknits. Yes the cables were nice, but the shape of the sweater was such that only Bill Cosby could truly love it. The neck hole was so tight I couldn't get my giant brain through it. I'm not kidding.

Not one to waste 900 yards of fine wool.....

Does it remind anyone else of a certain packaged Japanese convenience food that costs $.19?

Processed into skeins.

After a dyebath... Truly, though I love the color, I wish I'd left it natural. Sometimes I just get caught up in the process and it had been so long since I used my dyepot. Oh, well. I chose an Elizabeth Zimmerman pattern for a casual saddle shoulder sweater. Since the yarn is sort of scratchy aran (Irish) utility grade, I didn't want to make anything too fancy, more a functional fall weekend sweater. You'll see!

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