Saturday, November 1, 2008

New Upholstery Project.....

I picked up this chair at Value Village for $9.99.... You'll see the finished upholstery soon. I chose linen for the fabric. I still have to put the back on it.... the only part that requires sewing...grrr.

Here it is torn down. It had really great hand-tied springs in good condition. I sat on it just like this, with no upholstery and it was still comfortable. That's my test for a good design. It was stuffed with cotton and straw rather than horsehair. I think that's fairly common. I had to keep the vacuum on hand and tear off the seat on the porch because of the straw bits.

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  1.'re probably tearing your hair out, wondering where you put your fantastic upholstery book. Keep your lovely locks, I borrowed it and took it over to Kelly's for our project, which we have yet to start. damn babies.