Sunday, March 29, 2009

Poor Puppers.....

I feel like the last few months have been spent nursing my favorite 2 and 4 legged creatures. Poor Theta tore her doggie ACL (I think it's called a stiffle) and had to have surgery last week. In the course of x-rays we found that she had a bit of hip dysplasia. I'm not too surprised, but it's going to make getting around on 3 legs for a while a little harder. She's decided that Tyree is her official nurse and cries and sobs when he's out of sight.

She cried all night the first night back from the vet and I woke up to find Tyree curled up on the floor with her and both of them sleeping. She's clearly having a hard time with it. She basically has to stay shackled in our room and just walked out to do her business.

Her actual wound looks pretty good and she's been well-behaved. She'll be up and about by the wedding and the vet encouraged us to take her swimming when she was able. She likes to swim.

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