Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hello Old Friend.....

Sorry I've been a negligent blogger. We've had lot going on with wedding plans, the yard and baby chickens, etc. We have a looming fundraiser at work that does me in every year at this time.

Theta is recovering bit by bit. Every time she overdoes it, I worry we're back at the start. So far, so good.

I caved and joined Facebook, which I sort of hate and love at the same time, but it's not nearly as fun as the blog. I was starting to make a statement by NOT joining and since the truth was I was indifferent, I just did it. I'm already getting bored with it, but I'm the admin for the YWCA Facebook page, so there you go.

What with everything going on around here, Tyree and I decided to paint the kitchen. I promised him I would help put everything back in order tonight so we can have a proper meal. It turned out lovely. Dramatic!

I tried my hand at making homemade cheese this week and I think I'm hooked. We already had most of the equipment because it's the same as beer brewing. All I needed were some ingredients. I made my first 2 wheels last night and by my (admittedly low) standards, they came out awesome. My hilarious attempt at an improvised cheese press had everything heavy in the house precariously teetering in tower form all night last night. We made it without injury. Photos of homemade cheese in the newly painting kitchen are soon to follow. In the meantime, I leave you with cheesy inspirational photos! I did not take any of them.

Natural rinds with ash

The most beautiful cheese photo

Hope you're not scared of the mold! You can eat it!

How I'm hoping mine will turn out.

Cheese cave in France

Cheese cave in New York! I want to live in here.

Commercial cheese cave in France.

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