Sunday, June 7, 2009

It's so stinky yet it tastes so good....

Here's a picture of my camembert getting it's white mold on.

Yesterday I went to Bellingham's one and only fromagierie and ordered up samples of 2 cheeses I've been wanting to try. Tyree's a big blue cheese fan so he got some Shropshire Blue and I'd been wanting to try Italy's stinkiest, Taleggio. I was not disappointed. It is so very good melted on toasted baguette. (I like to link to Murray's because they have great descriptions)

I'm not ready to make blue cheese at VSF yet. Other people have had trouble with the blue mold taking over their aging cave. I've decided to wait until this winter when conditions in our workshop are perfect for aging. I'll keep the blue isolated out there.

Making Taleggio on the other hand was what I did yesterday. I made new square molds and went to town. My homemade Taleggio style cheese is currently floating in brine. The red rind is caused by a bacteria called brevebacterium linens which ages the cheese from the outside in. It is also partially responsible for the incredible stinkyness. In case you're wondering, I have a file of frozen molds and cultures in my freezer. I'm adding more, bit by bit.


If you don't already know, there was a tragedy here in Bellingham this week and I'm doing my best to not obsess over the ongoing shoreline search for two of our community's well-loved characters. I didn't know either of them well, but people very close to me knew them very well. Family and friends are still searching. I'm keeping my mind occupied. The whole town is so sad.

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  1. This is awsome! I had no idea you were into making cheese. Beautiful photos. Can't wait to sample it.