Friday, March 19, 2010

Small Victories....

I had one of my proudest moments in step parenting this morning. Conor's math teacher showed the kids a shape in class consisting of a rectangle with an isosceles triangle tacked on to either end. It gave the height and width of the rectangle portion and the length of one if the sides of the triangle. The teacher said that using the info given, it wasn't possible to find the area of the shape. Conor raised his hand and said,

"Can't you divide the triangle into two right triangles and use the a(squared) + b(squared) = c(squared) formula?"

The teacher just looked at him and said "That's ahead of most of this class."

Monday, March 8, 2010

The Red Wall at Studio E.

Waterfront Artist Studio Collective
Tyree Callahan

Photo by Dustin Basalla

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

We're seeing red.

Tyree painted the largest wall in our studio a kind of tomato red this week in preparation for the Waterfront's Spring Gala. We're trying to really transform the space into a creative haven. Both of us want to spend more time in there, so some bold color might be just the thing to kick us in the butt.

I have a project in mind (when don't I) and it requires both Ty and I to spend more time writing. I might test a few things out on you all before we get to self-publishing them. I'll post photos of the newly painted studio tomorrow and try to get some Art Walk photos to share, too.