Wednesday, April 7, 2010

La Fattoria poco in Italia

I've had an internal debate as to whether I wanted to write about my experience applying for dual citizenship. In the end, I felt that someone else might find my adventure useful in their own attempt. So here goes.

Off and on for the last few years, I've wanted to look into the possibility of applying for dual citizenship in Italy under a law called Jure Sanguinis. I was pretty sure I would qualify on one side of my father's family and as it turns out, I qualify on both sides...... if all goes well. The law requires my decendent (grandmother, in this case) to have been born before my great-grandfather naturalized. Since she was born in 1921 and he didn't naturalize until 1937, we're good. Secondly, we haven't been able to find any proof that my great-grandfather Marino ever naturalized at all. The way the law works, though, puts the burden of proof on me. It's easier for me to use my grandmother's family records which include his naturalization than to try and obtain all sorts of proof that someone didn't naturalize. So that's my fallback plan.

As of tonight, I have an appointment with the San Francisco Italian Consulate for October of 2011. Since, appointments are supposed to be 2 years out, I'll count myself lucky that I only have 1 1/2 years to wait. We can't really travel until Conor is out of school anyway, so that's fine. I've had to gather every birth, marriage and citizenship certificate obtained by myself and my direct line of descendents all the way back to Carini, Sicily. Each of those certificates requires a translation into Italian if it is in English, and an apostille from the state of it's issue. I have almost all of the certificates gathered, but I think I'm going to have to have a few of them amended for name misspellings and general errors before the consulate will accept them. Luckily I have a year and a half!

I want to be able to travel and work freely in the EU. Dual citizenship would be my ticket to do it. Tyree will qualify for citizenship if I'm able to obtain it via Jure Matrimonis. I'll post my progress throughout the process and hopefully it will help someone. Meanwhile..... Buona Notte!