Thursday, January 13, 2011


We're sort distilling our belongings down to the stuff we really like as we go. We're almost completely out of the old house, though some work remains. I'm glad we've had all this time to get it done.

This is the awesome wisteria plant that we're going to have to rein in for the health of the stucco. Dad, the light pink parts are stucco. Real stucco. Yes the colors are gross. What were they thinking?

This is the backyard, looking off the deck. There's a pretty cool corner store and an awesome antique store behind us. He's the guy I bought my first book press from. I would love a flagstone patio to replace some of the grass, and more privacy plants. Maybe like this.

Conor's room, with drum set, in the green he chose. There's a big blue papasan chair behind me.

Another view

The living room is starting to come together. Todd's painting in the background.

Except this completely insane mountain of books we chose to keep. Looks like we're going to be whittling away at the book collection further. Keep your eyes open for a book sale soon. Of course, about 4 cases are comic books, too. They won't be going anywhere.

Theta guarding the precious library until bookshelves are constructed.


  1. Such a sweet house! LOVE the green in the drum room.boom. boom.

  2. Love the pictures. It's such an inviting place. Our neck of the woods is filled with that color of stucco. Most folks paint the trim white or some color in the same family, like a maroon or such. Conor's bed is terrific. I hadn't seen it before. Looks like a music cave. :)

  3. I am jealous of that wisteria! When it's in bloom can I come lurk on the porch?