Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Fresh Start!

We're moving! I wanted a fresh start with a new address and a new look for the new house.

Just to get everyone up to date, we bought a small house just a few blocks from here in the Fountain District. The neighborhood is a lot busier than here, being sandwiched between Northwest and Meridian...but that means only a block's walk to some great restaurants and about 100 yards to the ReStore, where after leaving my position there 5 years ago, they still give me an employee discount.

We have this month to get moved and get the rental in order, which is nice. I wanted to post some before and afters of the new house, but I didn't manage to take any before shots before we started painting. So these are from the real estate listing. The furniture and color choices were those of the previous owners:

The front of the house, soon to be repainted and fenced. Emmett, we need you this summer!

Living Room

Living room towards the kitchen



The old house served us well for many years. We dismantled the raised garden beds, and the chicken coop. The chickens went to reside at Addie's house, where I am sure they are happy in the palace that Cary and Dave built them. You can read about their new place here on Addie's blog. We'll be taking some of our favorite plants with us.

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