Thursday, January 6, 2011


Forgive me the quality of the photos....I took them with my cell phone on this rainy gray morning. As you can see we are about 1/2 moved in. Tyree will be using his woodworking skills to construct us a custom bookcase for the wall that's covered in book boxes, and he'll be making the base that will hold the custom couch. I was saying to my dad yesterday, it is a bit like a boat dealing with a house this small. A place for everything and everything in it's place.


  1. I think that's my favorite part of moving, figuring out where all the stuff will go. :)

  2. Too cute! Is the kitchen black? I like that!

  3. It's the same slate/midnight color that's in the Bathroom. We liked it so much we bought some more. I do like the unpacking, Addie. Not so much the packing. :(