Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Couch Project Phase III

This project is moving right along. The faux-down pillows arrived on Thursday and while Tyree was down at the studio painting last night, I made the covers. I used the cotton drop cloths again. They sell one at Home Depot that is 6 x 9. I bought 2 of these and after they were washed, I cut them into strips 30 inches wide. I folded them into pockets and sewed the two unfinished sides and turned them inside out.

This is what the back of the pillow envelope looks like after I stuffed the pillow in. I can just chuck them in the washer anytime. Stay tuned for the futon covers. Right now I just have more drop cloths draped and tucked under the cushions themselves, but I plan to sew fitted covers next.

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Location:Fountain Farm

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